Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I decided recently that I wanted to find a way to share my homegrown passion for cooking with the world (which will really probably just extend to my close friends and family). As a new mom I have searched high and low for quick and healthy meals that meet three qualifications : will satisfy my picky eater (my husband, Jason), will make edible leftovers (everything makes leftovers but they aren't necessarily any good), and is simple but satisfying.
With a 4 month old, anything I want to cook has to be simple. Recipes that require a zillion steps or constant attention won't work in this household. Anyone with a baby knows that one minute you can be cooking a perfectly wonderful meal - and the next your baby needs your undivided attention. So my mission is to find stress free simple but healthy meals.
I will be documenting my trials - both success and failures - from menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking (techniques and recipes), and final product (success will be judged by my husband).

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